Hammer Team

Albrecht, Gary
Bias, Sally
Carter, Lou
Cuff, Steven
Drake, Roger
Dryden, Donna
Grimm, Richard
Hammer, Matt
Harting, Dave
Jenkins, Leah
Kempf, Wayne
Kirsch, James
Langford, Jeanette
Marasek, Rebecca
Morgan, Richard
Ogg, William
Ramey, Rita
Rase, Ken
Riepenhoff, Marquita
Rucker, Randall
Scott, Ralph
Shultz, Susan
Smith, Jeffrey
Thompson, Wayne
Valentine, Luanne
Wolery, Donna
Davis Team

Burnett, Alisa
Carver, Sharon
Conley, Steven
Cunningham, Leslie
Davis, Sean
Fowler, Dave
Fuller, Lorra
Harcha, Howard
Hash, Jay
Johnson, John
Kricker, James
Kuhn, David
LaValley, Robin
Medley, Todd
Nolfi, Ralph
Oliver, Al
Rhea, Shane
Ross, Nancy
Salmons, Ryan
Schmidt, Barbara
Simco, Misty
Stephenson, Marilee
Tieman, Kara
Williams, Andrew
Wilson, Robert

Rules for Kiwanis Service and Attendance Challenge 2017-18

Attendance competition begins on Nov 1st and will complete on Kid's Day the following year.


Members will receive one(1) point for each of the following:

  • Club meeting attendance
  • Kiwanis Board meeting attendance
  • Club Committee meeting attendance
  • Interclub meeting attencance
Attendance shall be taken weekly and recorded by the Club Secretary, Committee chair or other member as assigned. Attendance will be verified by attendance slips, work sheets for teams and attendance logs from events.


Members will earn five(5) points for their team for bringing a guest (not to exceed a total of 20 points for each person). Guests or inviting member will be responsible for paying for meals.

Teams will receive ten (10) points for sponsoring a new Kiwanis member upon receipt of the new application. The new member shall then become a member of the sponsoring team following induction into the club and receive one (1) point per meeting attendance.

Speakers and their guests will not earn team points but will get free lunch.

Key Club officers and school faculty are expected to attend at least annually and receive free lunch, but do not earn team points.


Members will earn two(2) points for their team by participating in Club sanctioned service projects and other activities, such as:

  • A project receiving donations through the Community Service Committee
  • Key Club meeting or Key Club service project
  • Ringing of Bells for Salvation Army
  • School supply donations
  • Fishes and Loaves luncheons
  • Annual Pancake Day Fundraiser (2 points per shift)
  • Annual Dreamland Concert Fundraiser (2 points per shift)
  • Annual Kids Day
  • Kiwanis District meeting or conventions
  • Others to be announced as projects develop
Note: Members will earn two (2) service points for every 10 donated items if the project is a coat drive, canned food drive, sock drive (pair), school supply drive, etc.