The Annual Scholarship Program of The Kiwanis Club
of Portsmouth

General Information

The Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth, Ohio, a part of the world-wide Kiwanis service organization, is made up of men and women desiring personal involvement in the leadership and improvement of the Portsmouth community. The Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth performs local community service with a special emphasis on assistance to youth.

It is this special interest in area youth that has motivated the Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth to initiate a scholarship fund which provides an annual scholarship to deserving area students.

The Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth has been serving our area since its founding in 1921. Since that time we have had as our motto "We Build" and in this tradition we seek to assist, in yet anothe rway, "to build" for the future, for the betterment of individual and community.

What the Scholarship Provides

The Kiwanis Scholarship is awarded each year by the Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth to qualified and deserving high school graduates of Scioto County schools desirous of pursuing coursework leading to a degree at Shawnee State University. The scholarship provides a total funding of up to $1,000 during the first academic year that is paid direct to Shawnee State University on a semester basis.

Who is Eligible

To be eligible to apply for the scholarship the student must meet the following conditions:

  • The applicant must be a member of the graduating class in the year in which the award is presented.
  • The applicant must reside in and be attending high school in Scioto County, Ohio.
  • The applicant must rank scholastically in the top one-third of the graduating class.
  • The applicant must be sincerely interested in a degree at Shawnee State University.

How to Apply

Applications must be filed on or before March 31st (postmark) of the year in which the students will graduate from high school. Application blanks are available in the high school through the guidance counselor or principal or may be downloaded from thier web page. The principal or counselor must cetify the eligibility of the applicant.

Each applicant must submit two completed recommendation forms. One of the references must be a member of the high school faculty or administrative staff and the other must be a member of the community.

A certified copy of the student's current transcript must be filed with the application.

Who Awards the Scholarship

The choice of the award winner each year is made by a scholarship committee of the Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth after reviewing the applications for the completeness of the application and two recommendation forms.

How the Scholarship Winners are Selected

  • Fulfillment of the eligibility requirements as stated above including the recommendations from a high school or administrative staff and a community person.
  • Review of personal and educational goals to reflect ability to meet requirements for college entrance, involvement in community service and intention to complete an academic degree at Shawnee State University.
  • The scholarship committee considers applications based on the above criteria and offers the scholarships in the order of the committee's designation and the decision of the Kiwanis Scholarship Committee shall be final in the determination of all scholarship awards.

How the Scholarship is Paid to the Winner

When the winner registers as a full-time student, the treasurer of Shawnee State University credits the student's account $500 per semester.

The scholarship is cancelled if the student fails to maintain creditable scholastic and/or personal standing, transfers to a college or university other than Shawnee State University, fails to maintain a full-time status, or fails to provide proper documentation. If the student drops out of college the scholarship committee reserves the right to determine whether the scholarship will be resumed.

Important Dates

  • March 31st -- Deadline for all applications and recommendation materials must be filed with the Kiwanis Club Scholarship Committee at the address on the application.
  • Last Friday in April -- The scholarship is announced. (The scholarship committee reserves the right to adjust these dates as necessary.)

Student Checklist

  • Complete application and give to high school counselor or principal to report the academic information and mail to the address on the application form along with transcript.
  • Take the second recommendation form to a person in the community to complete the second recommendation form.
  • Check with references to make sure the recommendation forms are mailed prior to the March 31st deadline.

Applicants should contact their high school counselor for applications and recommendation forms or download the following documents:

Application for Scholarship (print one copy)
Reference Form (print two copies)

Completed applications must be mailed to:

Jeff Smith, Chairman
Scholarship Committee
Kiwanis Club of Portsmouth
1627 11th Street
Portsmouth, Ohio 45662